“Su”– Open up, Let go, Relax and enjoy.
Art, culture, and music have the effect of soothing people.
In Taitung, which is surrounded by mountains and seas,
enjoy the diverse artistic creations under the nurturing of natural landscapes

Multiple art space

Taitung Art Museum, Taitung Art Center,Taitung Performing Arts Museum, Baoting Art and Culture Center, Taitung Design Center, Chishang Barn Art Museum, Taitung Sugar Factory, Xingdong Sugar Factory Cultural Park, from the city, the rift Valley, the East Coast, various exhibition spaces and unique artistic creations are worthy of the repeated Taitung visual soul feast!

Good time to listen to music

Whether it is Tiehua Village Musical Settlement, Blueprint Cultural & Creative Park or  Moonlight Sea Concert in the old railways of the city, whenever singers and musicians gather together, nostalgic old songs, original music, a beautiful tune, let the travelers follow the music. The brewing of the brilliance, to achieve the fullness of the soul.