“Ocean serenity”
Four million years ago,
the Philippine Ocean Plate collided with the Eurasia Plate
creating the majestic landscape of the East Coast,
and becoming a classroom for exploration of geology,
ecology and historic culture.

Prehistoric and rich ethnic story

Walk the East Coast and listen to the story of this land and people. The ancient peoples who came to this land from different places and at different times left behind the footprints of life; the multi-ethnic groups such as the Ami, the Silaya, the Weinan, and the Hakka moved in, and they rooted in the mountains and seas, giving birth to many stories. Through the guidance of the local people, people can connect with the emotions of the land and fill up the hearts of the travelers.


Taiwan Provincial Highway 11, the best area close to the Pacific Ocean

From Changbin to the southeastern, it is also called Hualien-Taitung Coastal Highway . There are many areas along the line where you can enjoy the sea view.  Those places close to the Pacific Ocean, such as Changbin Liaoyuan, Chengsansantai, Donghe Bridge, Jinluo, Jialulan, and Taima Li Qiangguang Memorial Park, The Nantian Coast Water Park, etc., while looking at the blue sky and the blue sea, with the sea breeze gently caressing you, it can broaden your horizon, the mind and body.

Swiss church in the coastal mountains

The church on the east coast is the guild of the soul and the preservation of the story, telling that the Swiss who came to the east coast half a century ago how they contribute to the land.