“Yang”– To Raise, Rear, to bring up, nurture.
For a healthy diet, it is necessary to follow the seasons
and take the ingredients of pure and underground cultivation.
It will contain the effect of nursing body
under the professional chefs proper cooking.

Slow Food Taitung

“Slow Food” Taitung emphasizes not only the health of eating, but also the local food that is eaten. It is praised highly a kind of ”life attitude”. In the sincere and not so rushing days , we focus on the delicious food and the environment. We pay attention to the texture of the food, from the original ingredients to the cooking techniques, and can continue to pass on in this land.

Diversified cuisine

Eat in the local, taste the local, rich and varied specialties, hackers traditional cuisine, health food and vegetables, traditional Aboriginal cuisine or innovative cuisine using local ingredients, not only to satisfy the taste buds, but also to achieve food efficiency.