Zheng Yi Classic Hotel&Motel

Four days and three nights indulge in mountains and seas


“Changyou Taitung City, Coastline, Rift Valley Line” Escape from the crowd and embrace the mountains and seas

“Zhengyi Motel Accommodation” Fully Relaxing and Lohas Wellness

Suggested trip

Day 1: Taitung Railway Station → Take the Eastern Coastal Shuttle Bus and get off at the “Forest Park Station” or drive to the Zhengyi Motel Check In → Take a break in the motel – healthy assessment → Visit Zhengqi Road Fruit Street and Taitung Night Market, experience the night charm of the eastern part of Taiwan → Take a relaxing bath in the hotel

Day 2 : Personal Exercise Time → Departure after breakfast in the hotel → Take the eastCoastal Shuttle Bus at Forest Park Station or drive by yourself → Arrive at the HsiaoYehLiou (小野柳) to enjoy the uniquly shaped sandstone coast → Jiajulan Park → Amazing “Water Running up” Wonders → New East Sugar Factory is full of aboriginal art atmosphere → Personal Exercise Time

Day 3: Personal Exercise Time → Departure after breakfast in the hotel → Take a green tunnel along the Rift Valley Luyeh Line or drive by yourself → Experience the delightful greenness of the Taitung Native Application Botanical Garden → Chulu Ranch → Luyeh Hill Paragliding to experience the blue sky + green land → Hot Air Balloon Carnival Experience (Limited Season ) → Personal Exercise Time

Day 4: Personal Exercise Time → Enjoy breakfast in the hotel → Stroll through Forest Park and taking advantage of the Phytoncides → Health Assessment → Check out

Contact:089-335531 Chen Tingjun

Hotel official websitehttp://www.love-taitung.com/zhengyi/