Long holiday

30 days &29 nights Explore the secrets and enjoy a happy time


Taitung – Mountain art villagebeautiful mountain、fresh water、good culture,enjoy the blue sky and green space of Taitung、beauty of serenity and relaxation

Taimali-The first sunrisemeet sunrise,travel in the sea of flowers,experience the beauty of the four seasons,feel the forgetful wonderland

Puyuma – The essence of east Taiwan surrounded by mountains and seasStroll in the green grass,taste the health meal,wash all the noise with hot springs,enjoy a slow heaven

《Luminous – Transforming Mountain LegendTaste the color, aroma and taste of Fulu teaenjoy the romance and hope of flying the sky

《Guanshan- The Land of Rift RiceSpring – Paddy field XinheSummer -Green fieldsAutumn – spike of riceWinter – recuperate and build up strength

《Chenggong- Sailfish TownWander in fairy legendsExperience the natural wonders for yourselfTowards a successful life

Suggested trip

Day 1:(Taitung) Taitung Railway Station ─Formosan Naruwan Hotel check in─Dinner: 七里坡紅藜養生餐(Taitung Red Ruby Meal)─Personal Health Assessment

Day 2:(Taitung) Breakfast─ Boting Arts Cente ─Lunch:Taitung Seagrass Healthy Light Restaurant─Taitung forest park bike ride (Biwa Lake/Living Lake /Lulu Lake)─Dinner:Naruwan Healthy Meal ─Personal Exercise Time

Day 3:(Taitung)Breakfast─Taitung  TT Style original museum─Travel grocery store wooden objects painted diy─Lunch:Light Cafe─ Blueprint Cultural & Creative Park、Tiehua village container house─Dinner:Tiehua village market foods ─Personal Exercise Time

Day 4:(Taitung) Breakfast─Jialulan Park─Lunch: Dulan Cape Cafe ─Success Church─Pisirian─Sansiantai─Dinner:Naruwan Healthy Meal ─Personal Exercise Time

Day 5:(Taitung)Breakfast─ Second floor Pingshui Bridge─Luminous shrine、temple(崑慈堂)、Longtian museum、century Kudong Tzu Chi Tree─Lunch:Luminous restaurant-slow food table ─Luminous High Platform、Taiwan International Hot Air Balloon Carnival─Dinner:Carnival buffet street food ─Personal Exercise Time

Day 6:(Taitung)Breakfast ─Mr. Brown Avenue bicycle fun tour (Chihshang scenery、Taitung’s Takeshi Kaneshiro tree、Chihshang paradise road) ─Lunch:Apopo Rice restaurant─Chihshang Rural Farmers’ Association Four Seasons Flower & Golden Harvest Museum─Dinner:Naruwan Healthy Meal─Personal Exercise Time

Day 7:(Taimali) Breakfast─Taimali station─Sunrise Hotel & Resort Taimali check in─Lunch:Taimali Low Carbon footprint healthy meal─Biya Cottage glass beads diy、Lagaron tribe ancestral house─Dinner:Twilight Dinner : Dawang Wild Vegetable Health Hot Pot (大王野菜火鍋)─Personal Health Assessment─Personal Exercise Time

Day 8:(Taimali) Breakfast─「巴拉冠」Youth house,Tribal Priest House─Lunch:Taimali Sergeant beef noodles ─Garaban tribe ancestral house、Lilivu tribe ancestral house─Dinner:Sunrise health dinner─Personal Exercise Time

Day 9:(Taimali) Breakfast─Taimali millennial sunrise memorial park─Lunch:Deep Mountain Yadu(深山亞都)─forget cares and worries pavilion/Taimali Day Lily mountain (1~2month Cherry blossoms、2~3month Apricot blossom、4~5month Lily/ Tung flower、5~6monthHydrangea、8~9month Day Lily,11~12month Roselle/maple)─Dinner:Aoyama farm ─Personal Exercise Time

Day 10:(Taimali)Breakfast─Jinlun Station─Sannusian Catholic Church─Jinlun hot spring─Jinlun stream─Lunch:Taimali講蜜蜜 restaurant ─Duoliang Station─Taitung Sakuragi Railroad Crossing─Adidan Cultural Story House─Dinner: Food workshop – Paiwan special dishes─Personal Exercise Time

Day 11:(Taimali) Breakfast─ Dawu national forest trail/ Dawu fishing port─Lunch:Dawu fresh healthy food─Presbyterian farm tour (SugarApple、Red Quinoa、millet) ─Dinner:Red quinoa health meal─Personal Exercise Time

Day 12:(Taimali) Breakfast─Paiwan culture and art community─Lunch:Paiwan tribe cuisine (阿拜)─Relaxing on Taimali street─Dinner:Peace Hotel ─Personal Exercise Time

Day 13:(Taimali)Breakfast─Personal Exercise Time─Lunch:Sunrise buffer lunch─Seashore Park、Firewood museum、Birthplace monument of mountain ancestors─Dinner:Houshan legend food restaurant─Personal Exercise Time

(East rift valley two-day tour)

Day 14:(Puyuma)Taitung railway station─Yongkang tribe tour─Miss dad’s octave meal─Yongkang tribe experience─Overlooking Luminous─Yongkang tribe dinner─hotel(Yongkang tribe park)

Day 15:(Puyuma)Bunun tribe leisure farm park guided tour─Bunun tribe lunch─Quhe winery plum vinegar diy ─Guided tour of the mountain pig garden coffee garden─Hoya Resort Hotel Taitung check in─Personal Exercise Time

Day 16:(Puyuma)Breakfast─ South valley park ecological tour─Lunch:Hotel health buffet ─hotel activity experience (spa、concert) ─Dinner:Hotel health buffet ─Personal Exercise Time

Day 17:(Puyuma)Breakfast─dude ranch ─Lunch:dude ranchsign milk hot pot─Botanical garden─Dinner:Botanical garden herb-flavored blanch hot pot─Personal Exercise Time

Day 18:(Puyuma)Breakfast─Jhihben Forest Recreation National Park─Lunch:Forest restaurant─Baiyu waterfall、Jhihben Hot Spring─Dinner:Boss wild food restaurant – aboriginal flavor cooking─Personal Exercise Time

Day 19:(Puyuma)Breakfast─Personal Exercise Time─Lunch:Hotel health buffet─ Prehistoric Museum─Dinner:Wow’s 邦查─Personal Exercise Time

Day 20:(Luminous)Breakfast─Take【Taiwan Tourist Shuttle】to Luminous─Luminous Hot Spring Resort & Spa check in ─Lunch:Wuling prison coffee ─Wuling green tunnel─Enjoy the Rift Valley scenery from a high platform─Dinner:Luminous Buffet Dinner─Personal Exercise Time

Day21:(Luminous)Experience hot air balloon ride to enjoy the beautiful scenery of Dulan Mountain─Breakfast ─Hiking in Luminous Art Tea Garden and Longtian Japanese Immigrant Village─Lunch:Luminous healthy vegetarian meal─Bathing in Luminous Beauty Spring and SPA Massage─Dinner:Luminous Buffet Dinner─Personal Exercise Time

(Luminous Hot Spring Resort & Spa half-day tour)

Day 22:(Luminous)【travel A:Oolong Tea hike】
Breakfast─Luminous outset ─Boundless Red Oolong Tea art tea garden─Long Tian lawn, green tunnel bicycle parade─Lunch: Luminous Buffet Lunch ─ Liping Tea Farm diy─Dinner: Liping Tea Farm health package─Personal Exercise Time

Day 23:(Luminous)【travel B:radish and strawberry hike】
Breakfast─Easily Walking in Mountain Forest Secret Trial─Lunch:Luminous Low Carbon footprint exquisite healthy meal( low fat, sugar, salt) ─Luminous outset─Xinliang Wetland pull radish experience (Free for everyone 6 freshly picked radishes)─Luminous strawberry park(Free for everyone 300g freshly picked strawberries)─Dinner:Luminous Low Carbon footprint healthy meal─Personal Exercise Time

(Luminous Hot Spring Resort & Spa a-day tour)

Day 24:(Luminous)【travel A:East coast of Chinzun】
Breakfast ─Jialulan park─Chinzun fishing port─Sansiantai─Donghe bridge─Toyama refishing area─Dinner:Luminous Low Carbon footprint healthy meal─Personal Exercise Time

Day 25:(Luminous)【travel B:longitudinal valley】
Breakfast ─Dapo pond─Luoshan waterfall and tofu DIY~ Wally Trail relaxed travel(about 1.5 hours)─Brown Avenue─Luminous hill─Dinner:Luminous Low Carbon footprint healthy meal─Personal Exercise Time

Day26:(Luminous)【travel C:Skywalk】
Breakfast ─Sakuragi railway─Jin Feng skywalk─Duoliang station─Taimali sunrise park─Taitung seaside park─Dinner:Luminous Low Carbon footprint healthy meal─Personal Exercise Time

Day 27:(Guanshan)Personal Exercise Time─Breakfast ─Luminous longtian bicycle road (taking advantage of the Phytoncides in the Forest Bath and slow paced lite travel)─東軒坊CHECK-IN─Lunch:雨田坊restaurant─Guanshan Tianhou Temple─Dinner:舒食男孩(Taitung Slow Food Review, Three-star Store) ─Personal Exercise Time

Day 28:(Guanshan) Personal Exercise Time─Breakfast─Guanshan Peasant association、Guanshan Flower Sea─Lunch:Guanshan Lunch Box─Rice School (Milled rice DIY、Rice Museum、Rice carving、Agricultural products) ─Dinner:GuanshanHakka flat noodles─Personal Exercise Time

Day 29:(Chenggong) Personal Exercise Time─Breakfast─Go to Chenggong、Yiwan Card Church─Lunch:Qiyu Seafood Restaurant─Sanxiantai、Pisirian、Duli Beach─Dinner:Floating coffee (Reserve Amis Flavor meal)─Personal Exercise Time

Day 30:(Guanshan) Personal Exercise Time─Breakfast ─Guanshan waterfront park、Guanshan Town Circle Bicycle Path、Sun Moon Viewing Pavilion─Personal Health Assessment─check out ─go home

plan description: This recommended itinerary is recommended for free travel, passengers must confirm accommodation by yourself.