Slow Living Tour Project

10 days & 9 nights Slow Living Tour Project


Taitung – Mountain Art villageArtistic breath and Natural blending beauty,Slow down of footstep,Weaving a new life

Luminous – Transforming Mountain LegendTaste the color, aroma and taste of Fulu tea,enjoy the romance and hope of flying the sky

Suggested trip

Day 1:(Taitung)Taitung train station ─Summer Garden check in ─Personal Health Assessment─Dinner: Luminous Low carbon footprint healthy meal ─Personal Exercise Time

Day 2:(Taitung)Breakfast─Taitung Art Museum ─Lunch:七里坡紅藜養生餐(Taitung Red Ruby Meal) ─Taitung forest park bike ride (Biwa Lake/Living Lake /Lulu Lake)─Dinner:Homestay buffet dinner ─Personal Exercise Time

Day 3:(Taitung)Breakfast─ Personal Exercise Time─Lunch:rice noodle under the banyan tree─Taitung story house、Blueprint Cultural & Creative Park、Tiehua village container house─Dinner:Tiehua village market foods ─Personal Exercise Time

Day 4:(Taitung)Breakfast─Taitung Sugar Factory─ Lunch:chinese restaurant (Taitung Sugar Factory) ─Gongdong Church─Country farm sachets DIY─Dinner:Country farm- Nostalgic cut rice ─Personal Exercise Time

Day 5:(Luminous)Breakfast─Take【Taiwan Tourist Shuttle】to Luminous─Luminous Hot Spring Resort & Spa check in ─Lunch:Wuling prison coffee ─Wuling green tunnel─Enjoy the Rift Valley scenery from a high platform─Dinner:Luminous Buffet Dinner─Personal Exercise Time

Day 6:(Luminous)Experience hot air balloon ride to enjoy the beautiful scenery of Dulan Mountain─Breakfast ─Hiking in Luminous Art Tea Garden and Longtian Japanese Immigrant Village─Lunch:Luminous healthy vegetarian meal─Bathing in Luminous Beauty Spring and SPA Massage─Dinner:Luminous Buffet Dinner─Personal Exercise Time

(Luminous Hot Spring Resort & Spa half-day tour)

Day 7:(Luminous)【travel A:Oolong Tea hike】
Breakfast─Luminous outset ─Boundless Red Oolong Tea art tea garden─Long Tian lawn, green tunnel bicycle parade─Lunch: Luminous Buffet Lunch ─ Liping Tea Farm diy─Dinner: Liping Tea Farm health package─Personal Exercise Time

Day 8:(Luminous)【travel B:radish and strawberry hike】
Breakfast─Easily Walking in Mountain Forest Secret Trial─Lunch:Luminous Low Carbon footprint exquisite healthy meal( low fat, sugar, salt) ─Luminous outset─Xinliang Wetland pull radish experience (Free for everyone 6 freshly picked radishes)─Luminous strawberry park(Free for everyone 300g freshly picked strawberries)─Dinner:Luminous Low Carbon footprint healthy meal─Personal Exercise Time

(Luminous Hot Spring Resort & Spa a-day tour)

Day 9:(Luminous)【travel A:East coast of Chinzun】
Breakfast ─Jialulan park─Chinzun fishing port─Sansiantai─Donghe bridge─Toyama refishing area─Dinner:Luminous Low Carbon footprint healthy meal─Personal Exercise Time

Day 10:(Luminous)【travel B:longitudinal valley】
Breakfast ─Dapo pond─Luoshan waterfall and tofu DIY~ Wally Trail relaxed travel(about 1.5 hours)─Brown Avenue─Luminous hill─Dinner:Luminous Low Carbon footprint healthy meal─Personal Exercise Time

Day 11:(Luminous)【travel C:Skywalk】
Breakfast ─Sakuragi railway─Jin Feng skywalk─Duoliang station─Taimali sunrise park─Taitung seaside park─Dinner:Luminous Low Carbon footprint healthy meal─Personal Exercise Time

Day 12:(Luminous)Personal Exercise Time─Breakfast ─Luminous longtian bicycle road (taking advantage of the Phytoncides in the Forest Bath and slow paced lite travel)─Personal Health Assessment─check out ─go home

plan description: This recommended itinerary is recommended for free travel, passengers must confirm accommodation by yourself.