Sunrise Hotel & Resort Taimali

Taiwan South Eastern Tour - Three Days and Two Nights Wellness Secret Holiday Getaway

Minimum four person reservation. Holidays and Chinese New Year are not applicable.


“Experience tribal life & roaming South Eastern tour mountains and seas”  The local culture, the most beautiful station ‧ the most beautiful dawn ‧ the most beautiful blue sky ‧ the most beautiful bay, taste healthy wild vegetable hot pot, enjoy Jinlun hot spring, Orange Daylily mountain (Jinzhenshan) lite travel

Suggested trip

Day 1: Arrival at Tai Mali Station (The Most Beautiful Station) – Walk to Sunrise Hotel & Resort – Railroad crossing with Cherry Blossoms – The First Sunrise Park – Personal Health Assessment – Twilight Dinner : Dawang Wild Vegetable Health Hot Pot (大王野菜火鍋)- Personal Exercise Time

Day 2: Experience the sunrise on “The sunrise Rooftop” – Personal Exercise Time – Personal Health Assessment – Sunrise Red Ruby Health Breakfast – Duoliang – The Most Beautiful Railway Station─ Jinlun Tribe Free Travel (Mysterious Jinlun Bay, Catholic Church , Weaving Line House, Dinglun Beef Noodles) – Lunch on your own – Lulacs Suspension Bridge – Jinlun Dante Hot Springs – Sunrise Hotel& Resort – Tai Mali Street Tour – Dinner: Peace Hotel (Recommended) – Personal Exercise Time

Day 3: Dawang Elementary School Hundred Years Autumn Maple Tree – Personal Exercise Time – Personal Health Assessment – Sunrise Red Ruby Healthy Breakfast – Orange Daylily Mountain Lite Travel – Lunch – Deep Mountain Yadu(深山亞都) – Arrival at Tai Mali Station – Go home happily
  • Four person reservation : NT$20800
  • Contact:Jiang Manager 089-782489