Taitung Rice Resort Hotel

Four days and three nights. Wellness holiday Getaway


“Experience Huadong Farming Fun” combines origins, culture, and local characters

“Accommodation” enjoy the pool with the starry sky while staying in Taitung Rice Resort Hotel

Suggested trip

Day 1: check→ dinner: healthy meals at the hotel → health assessment → bath in the pool with the starry sky

Day 2: Personal Exercise Time → breakfast → Chishang Flower Sea → Baiyan DlY wine making 芭洋酒釀 → Chishang Makino farm → Rice School big bowl Rice → drink coffee at the Prison → Visit Luyeh Hill → Visit Indigenous botanical garden → health meal sourced from small farmers → Personal Exercise Time

Day 3: Personal Exercise Time → breakfast → Donghe old bridge → Taiyuan Yougu glutinous five diamonds awarded rice experience → Dengxianqiao bridge watching monkeys → Amis Folk Village Tribal Lunch → Visit the East Coast Tourist Center → Enjoy Orchestra Performance at Amis Folk Village → Sanyuan Marine Ecology Park → Hotel Health Hot Pots Meal→ Personal Exercise Time

Day 4: Personal Exercise Time → Breakfast → Walking in Beinan Dazhen Park → Health Assessment → check out

  • Four person reservation :NT$22320
  • Contact: Liang Chengde 0976193198