“Mountain tranquilly”
In the mountains and forests, there is a rich ecology,
preserved the original natural forest looks,
natural topography and landforms,
creating the natural scenery of Taitung.

Forest trail

Zhiban Forest Park is a magical forest like a rainforest.  It is a good place for a forest bathing eco-tour.  Immerse yourself into the forest trails of the rift valley and coastal mountains taking advantage of the Phytoncides and overlook the Pacific Ocean.

Rift Valley

Following with the growth of rice in seasons, the land changes with different colors like green and golden yellow, and then intertwined with the illusions of blue sky and white clouds and mountains. It is a landscape painting that changes with the eyes. Here is suitable for casual walk and look around.

Hot Air Balloon Season

 Luyeh, which is known for as the tea town, can not only taste tea, but also eat pineapple fruit grown by small farms.  With the arrival of the hot air balloon season, you can also take a hot air balloon overlooking the landscape of the rift valley.