“Li”- Power. Is your level of strength.
Incorporate intelligent health measurements into the journey of relaxation
Let travelers know their personal health and muscle endurance,
And provide a personalized exercise prescription.


A smart device designed for debilitation and sarcopenia that detects height, muscle mass, grip strength, body fat, blood pressure, blood oxygen, muscle endurance, etc., and provides intelligent analysis of health analysis and automatic data transmission. Output results report, providing individual exercise prescriptions.

With a growing percentage of the population aging,

sarcopenia and debilitation are gaining attention.

According to the National Guardian’s study,

Taiwan’s people over the age of 65,

there are 5.4 per 100 people debilitated

and up to 41.5% of the elders are pre-weak.

Prevention and Improvement methods

Timing quantitative exercise , increasing muscle strength, balance training.

Smart connected sports equipment

Cloud based Intelligent connected Exercise Equipment.
Personalized exercise regimen automatically generated.

Chest Press

Training arms and chest muscles

Leg Extension/Curl

Training the anterior and posterior muscles of the thigh

Chest Press

Training the core muscles of the thigh and the back side

Shoulder Push

Training the shoulders and back muscles

Where is the health assessment measured?

Partner hotels

Taitung Luminous Hot Spring Resort & SPA

MATA Indigenous Culture Hotel

Cultural Excursion Hotel

Formosan Naruwan Hotel and Resort Taitung

Rice Resort Hotel

Century Hotel

Sunrise Hotel & Resort Taimali

Zheng Yi Classic Hotel&Motel

Health Experience Pavilion - Taitung Branch

Venue: 1st Floor, YaoShiYaoShi Restaurant, Taitung Art Museum